Fighting mobile device crime with data

How NMPR search works

The Recipero NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) provides a single location for an investigating officer to obtain an immediate history report about an item of serial numbered property.

A simple search from a smartphone, tablet or computer gives law enforcement staff real-time visibility of a mobile device’s life-history. The search results provide actionable information, speeding intelligence gathering whilst reducing the resources required for the investigation of cell phone and mobile device related crimes.

Please take a few minutes to view the Recipero NMPR information video.

Our solution provides America's law enforcment agencies with the very best resource for device-led data investigation and intelligence - David Dillard, Managing Director, Americas

Benefits of NMPR search

A real-time search on the NMPR interrogates the most comprehensive source of mobile device data available levering the power of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem that includes real-time data from Immobilize, Report My Loss and CheckMEND.

Types of property

As a law enforcemnt officer there may be times when can't wait for others or external agencies to search for you because you have a suspect in custody and time is critical. Recipero's NMPR provides real-time intelligence right when you need it. As a simple search from a smartphone, tablet or computer gives law enforcement staff visibility of a mobile device’s life-history.

Summary of benefits

  • The most comprehensive device history check available globally
  • Search carrier databases, consumer registrations and reports, insurance claims and trading activity in a single search
  • Instantly identify property of interest to other jurisdictions
  • Repatriate stolen property
  • See CDMA carrier reports as well as GSM/LTE in one place
  • Real-time data from Immobilize, Report My Loss and CheckMEND.

Where does NMPR data come from?

Recipero collects data about devices from:

  • Consumers
  • Carriers
  • Lessors
  • Second-hand traders
  • Police
  • Insurers
  • Retailers
  • Pawnshops

The data includes activity from these stakeholders that affects legal title of the property. NMPR brings this massive data set together and puts it in your hands just like your favorite search engine. The NMPR makes it possible to check a suspect’s smartphone and obtain real-time evidence the device was reported stolen in another jurisdiction, reported lost or stolen to a carrier or belongs to an insurer following a claim settlement.

Data for GSM devices comes directly from networks and also from the GSM network operators' trade association. Police data comes direct to us from individual law enforcement agencies.

Data sources

Insurance and lease data comes from corporations sharing their data in order to prevent insurance and finance fraud. Other data about ownership, loss and theft comes from a variety of services that Recipero provide to retailers, traders and the public.

Getting access to NMPR search

NMPR from Recipero is available to all verified US law enforcement personnel, just contact us to discover how easy it is to start benefiting.

Getting access to the NMPR

Once you have started the registration process you will be sent an email to verify your email address which will contain a link to complete the rest of the registration process.

After completing stage two of your registration, your account will be verified by security staff. You will receive notification by email once this process has been completed. Please note. This process can take up to 24 hours.

If you would like access to the NMPR or require more information please contact us and we’ll happily talk to you about how the service can help your police department or agency.

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