Property intelligence when you need it

Providing property ownership information for smart phones, mobile devices, audio visual and gaming electricals, bicycles and much more

The NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) is real-time search portal that allows police to securely interrogate the Recipero’s vast property history and movement databases, including Immobilize, Report My Loss and CheckMEND.

  • View records of due diligence checks from the CheckMEND service
  • Transaction reports submitted by pawn and second-hand traders
  • Search Immobilize America's largest database of public property ownership records

“ For the first time in a simple search, law enforcement can see if a cellphone or other mobile device has been reported as stolen, had its stolen status checked by a third party or been the subject of a transaction.” - Grant Holland, Business Development - Law Enforcement

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How does Recipero's NMPR work?

This short video explains how Recipero's NMPR system works and why it is so powerful as an intelligence source for police and other law enforcement agencies.

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Where does NMPR data come from?

For over decade Recipero working with our numerous partners to bring together a series of powerful datasets that make up the NMPR.

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Report My Loss allows the public to easily record lost property online, immediately reporting the loss to Law Enforcement through the NMPR system.

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Thief stealing a laptop out of a open car window

The free Immobilise service enables the public to register their valuable possessions. If they are lost or stolen, item status updates are immediately reflected on the NMPR.

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Mobile devices

CheckMEND helps the public and businesses to trade phones and mobile devices with confidence, and is one of the data sources available via the NMPR.

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