An easier way to report lost property

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National online lost property reporting system

Report My Loss is an online service used by of thousands of people each month to securely and conveniently submit details of lost property.

Launched in the United States in 2016, the system works in conjunction with other solutions within Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

The geographical size of the US means that the reporting of lost property is historically extremely fragmented, as a national system used by the public, transport hubs and colleges/universities Report My Loss seeks to address that issue and improve property repatriation.

Loss reporting ecosystem

When a member of the public creates a new loss report it is placed on a secure database that is part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

The lost item information including serial numbers IMEIs and other identifiable markings, along with the circumstances and location of the loss can all be searched by police and lost property offices in real-time. This expotentially increases the chances of lost items being identified and returned whilst opening new lines of enquiry and intelligence, and in-turn decreases the chances of associated criminality.

User benefits

For people that have lost possessions, essentially Report My Loss increases the likelihood of getting their belongings back, whilst making insurance claims more straight forward. For users Report My Loss reduces the inconvenience of making a report and where relevant reduces the cost of making a claim though the efficiencies of conducting the reporting process online. It has also helped free up valuable police resources through;

  • Making the reporting process for the public and Police more efficient.
  • Improving report detail and accuracy as reports are easily corrected and added to.
  • Reports being searchable force-wide/nationally rather than being isolated to station systems.
  • Police officers and resources becoming freed up to focus on other activities.

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“ Report My Loss is already supplied to and endorsed by many police forces throughout the United Kingdom. It continues to deliver considerable resource savings and has substantialy improved the repatriation of public lost property. ” - Les Gray, Operations Director, Recipero Inc

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