Avoid lost stolen or compromised devices

The most comprehensive device history check available protects your reputation and profits

Why you need CheckMEND

Every time you encounter consumer electronics you are at risk of theft or fraud. Identifying and avoiding those risks are key issues for many organizations including; recyclers, insurers, service providers, retailers, logistics and finance companies, repair shops, warranty providers, and law enforcement.

CheckMEND from Recipero provides unrivalled access to the world’s most comprehensive database of loss and theft reports, insurance claims and other records affecting legal title of mobile devices.

Extensive cellphone data

Cellphones are a massive part of the consumer electronics space, so we check IMEI loss and theft reports from over 95 network operators globally. CDMA devices are still a huge part of the US market so we check CDMA ESNs at the same time. We check police crime reports from law enforcement agencies in the US and UK. Insurers retain title to devices when they settle a claim, lease purchase agreements and carrier contracts also impact legal title so we check those as well. CheckMEND is answering the questions:

  • “Could this device be in the wrong hands?”
  • “Am I going to be subject to fraud, or handle stolen goods?”
  • “Could I over pay for this device?”

CheckMEND answers these questions for cellphones, laptops, tablets, GPS, games consoles and all types of serial numbered devices.

Status change monitoring

For many users who are handling large volumes in a fast-moving environment the status of a device as shown by CheckMEND can change during the period they hold it. This can occur if a theft takes time to be reported to police or a carrier is slow in effecting a service block.

To address this we provide a supplemental service to CheckMEND which indicates when the status of a device that has previously been shown as “green” turns “red”. This is especially valuable to recyclers and reverse logistics providers so they can:

Benefits of using CheckMEND

  • Avoid paying for a device that the seller may not have legal title to
  • Do not be a target for thieves and fraud
  • Unique certificates provide verifiable, counterfeit-proof evidence of check results.
  • Simple to use applications that support bulk checks
  • Easy API integration with websites, point of sale, warehouse, claims management and other back-office systems using our API.
  • Your data is safe and secure with us. Our internationally recognized security accreditations, integration with police systems, and widespread use by government and law enforcement are unique in this market.

Where does our data come from?

Data for GSM devices comes directly from networks and also from the GSM network operators' trade association. Police data comes direct to us from law enforcement agencies.

Insurance and lease data comes from corporations sharing their data in order to prevent insurance and finance fraud. Other data about ownership, loss and theft comes from a variety of services that Recipero provide to retailers, traders and the public.

“ Working with CheckMEND, we have further enhanced our process, and we are already reaping the benefits of the service in our stores and our state of the art refurbishment center. ” - Joe Gorman, Vice President of Mobile at GameStop

How does Recipero's NMPR work?

This short video explains how Recipero's NMPR system works and why it is so powerful as an intelligence source for police and other law enforcement agencies.

Watch the video presentation