Free public property registration service

Helping to stop thieves profit from the proceeds of property crime

The public are encouraged to register mobile devices and other possessions on to prevent them being traded in the event of loss or theft. This also increases the chances of getting them back if they're are recovered by police or other organizations through NMPR search.

Why you need Immobilize

When you are the victim of loss or theft, you need to make a report to the police and your insurer. The police will need a comprehensive list of what is missing including serial numbers for consumer electronics and your devices. Your insurer is going to need proof of purchase, accurate model names and, perhaps, even evidence for example that your TV was on the wall prior to the loss.

Most of us do not have this information at hand, adding to an already stressful situation. Perhaps your insurance claim will be reduced or rejected. Police may have located your property but have no way of linking it to you. As a result you do not get it back and their investigation is hampered. Being able to confirm your ownership may be the difference between Law Enforcement having enough evidence to charge a suspect and having to let them go.

Secure off-site catalogue of all your possessions

Immobilize provides simple secure storage for all of your property descriptions, photographs, copies of bill of sale, serial numbers or other distinguishing marks.

Immobilize sits within Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem. This global and unique combination of products integrates services for police, insurers, second-hand traders and pawnshops to ensure that honest buyers do not buy your property from someone else.

Benefits of use

  • Record crucial details of your property before you lose it.
  • Speed up insurance claims with ownership certificates that insurers can verify with time-stamped records.
  • Prevent thieves from being able to sell your property.
  • Ensure that police can identify your property and return it to you.

What can you register?

You can register all of your valuable possessions on Immobilize all for FREE. Consumer electronics are a favorite with their unique serial numbers. But don’t forget bicycles, power tools, jewelry, artwork and furniture can be added too - If you can take a photo of it or, describe it, you can register it.

What about items without serial numbers?

If something doesn’t have an identifying mark, you can mark it with a security pen, a tamper evident sticker or a radio ID tag. A wide range of overt and covert marking products are available for sale to suit most items. If you can do something to mark a possession without harming its value then do it and record the identifying mark on Immobilize.

Visit the Immobilize website.

“ Supported by Police, retailers and the public, the Immobilize Property Register holds over 34,000,000 items of property, a number that grows considerably each day.” - David Dillard, Managing Director, Americas

How does Recipero's NMPR work?

This short video explains how Recipero's NMPR system works and why it is so powerful as an intelligence source for police and other law enforcement agencies.

Watch the video presentation